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When Ignite started in 2015 we felt a call to lead the church to a place of unified encounter with God, but we also sensed a strong call to play a role in edifying and equipping the church in the area of worship, leadership and teaching.

As we’ve grown God has only strengthened that call. And starting in 2020 we feel to step more fully into that calling by starting the Ignite Ministries School of Worship.

The school of worship will exist to see worship leaders, musicians and people with a passion for audio-visual production, trained, encouraged and equipped to serve their local church worship teams.

Those who sign up are committing to a year long online course that requires one day a week of on site training with the Ignite team.

It’s going to be an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in faith, meet amazing people who are passionate about Jesus, and take a big step in becoming the leader God has created you to be.

So why don’t you join us?

Register your name today and we'll keep you in the loop for 2020 Ignite Ministries School of Worship.

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